We are a Austrian / German SEO agency, proving services to some of the biggest telecommunication companies and financial institutions within the Austrian and German market. If desired, we can conceptualize a holistic SEO strategy for your business, but we’re also happy, to provide only language specific services, to support your existing SEO agency or department. You can contact me, by simply clicking the green Button right beside my picture. Or continue reading and find out all the services, we usually provide to our foreign clients.

German & Austrian link building

Linkbuilding is already a “delicate” issue. Unnatural or obviously bought links will result in a penalty. (Yes this also happens here!). We only focus on high quality Backlinks, embedded in articles so nicely written and styled, that you want to hang them at your refrigerator. Of course we measure precisely, if the expected ranking uplift actually occurred. We’re Germans! Did you really think we wouldn’t measure?

Keyword research for German market

I guess German is still one of the most insane languages, when it comes to grammar or writing. If you can’t tell, that “Spielball” and “Ballspiel” are two totally different things, don’t try to make a German keyword strategy. Just ask us.

Copywriting & content optimization

You need some German text for your Landingpages and you already realized, that copy & pasting Google translate doesn’t work? We can supply you with nicely written content, adjusted for conversions, user engagement and of course optimized for search engines. Yes we know! It’s not about keyword density anymore, but related keywords and user engagement. We can read your English SEO articles too!

Large scale ranking check

The SERP’s adapt more and more your geo locations. For an honest result, you may want to use a authentic German IP and not some overused proxy’s.
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